December 4, 2010

The Ghost Ship, Mary Celeste

First launched in 1860 from Nova Scotia with her original name ‘Amazon’, this merchant ship went through numerous accidents under several different owners at sea. She finally turned up at a New York salvage yard and was auctioned off for $3,000, she was fully restored and given a new name; Mary Celeste. The new commandeer of the vessel Benjamin Briggs, 37, was a master of the sea and on November 7th 1872, Captain Briggs departed from New Work with his family and crew to Genoa, Italy where he planned on selling 1,700 barrels of American alcohol. Briggs along with his family and crew were never to be seen again however the ship was found safe and sound floating in the Strait of Gibraltar. The cargo was untouched and personal belongings were still in place perfectly, it is dubbed the greatest maritime mystery of all time.

Benjamin Briggs,Captain of Mary Celeste 

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